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Ti-oss®​ Block



STEP 1: Remove any soft tissue or granulation tissue carefully and expose fresh bone.


Ti-oss® Block can be trimmed to the desired shape with a surgical blade very easily. Try the trimmed block in the defect site and if necessary, trim it again. Save the trimmed leftovers to fill the gaps between the block and ridge.


STEP 2: Saturate Ti-oss® with patient's blood or normal saline or PRP (platelet-rich plasma.) Avoid distilled water.


Fill the defect site with the prepared Ti-oss® mixture and gently fix it with horizontal matrix suture technique to the buccal and lingual periosteum.


STEP 3: Protect the graft mass with membrane or PRF (platelet-rich fibrin.)


STEP 4: Tie up the wound carefully. Exposure to oral cavity may collect oral micro-organism, resulting in infection.


Bone regeneration and augmentation 


  • Alveolar ridge defect 

  • Extraction defect 

  • Sinus augmentation 

  • Periodontal defect




  • Avoid pressure on Ti-oss® particle to maintain multiporous nature. Breaking down of Ti-oss® to tiny pieces drops down the best advantages of Ti-oss®.



Following groups are not recommended to use Ti-oss®


  • Osteomyelitis patient 

  • Generalized or Localized Blood dyscrasia patient 

  • Heavy smokers 

  • Radiation therapy patient 

  • Diabetes 

  • Advanced Liver or Kidney disease 

  • Thyroidism etc.




  • Effect on pediatric patients is not known

  • Do not overfill defects

  • Do not leave defect open

  • Store at the temperature range of 4-30°C [39.2-86°F]

  • Do not compromise blood supply to defect area


Ti-oss® bone substitute includes:


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