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STEP 1: Remove any soft tissue or granulation tissue carefully and expose fresh bone.


STEP 2: Saturate Octabone® with patient's blood or normal saline or PRP (platelet-rich plasma.) Avoid distilled water.


Fill the defect site with the prepared Octabone® mixture with a sterilized spatula or a surgical spoon. 


STEP 3: Protect the graft mass with a membrane or PRF (platelet-rich fibrin.)


STEP 4: Tie up the wound carefully. Exposure to oral cavity may collect oral microorganism, resulting in infection.


Bone regeneration and augmentation 


  • Alveolar ridge defect 

  • Extraction defect 

  • Sinus augmentation 

  • Periodontal defect




  • Avoid pressure on Octabone® particle to maintain multiporous nature. Breaking down of Octabone® to tiny pieces drops down the best advantages of Octabone®.



Following groups are not recommended to use Octabone®


  • Osteomyelitis patient 

  • Generalized or Localized Blood dyscrasia patient 

  • Heavy smokers 

  • Radiation therapy patient 

  • Diabetes 

  • Advanced Liver or Kidney disease 

  • Thyroidism etc.




  • Effect on pediatric patients is not known

  • Do not overfill defects

  • Do not leave defect open

  • Store at the temperature range of 4-30°C [39.2-86°F]

  • Do not compromise blood supply to defect area


Ti-oss® bone substitute includes:


(Collagen Membrane) *Available soon

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