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GE-TEC3/Ti-oss Course & Hands-On by Ge-Tec3 France.

I am glad to inform you that 2 days of the Ti-oss Course and Workshop was successfully held in Point-à-Pitre, France on the 11th and 12th of November 2021 by Ge-Tec3 (one of our trusted partners).

Here are the speakers' information

  • Professor Mr. Philippe Givert (Dean of University Montpellier).

  • Professor Mr. Yves Laverjat (Head of Dept. of Periodontology & Implantology of University Bordeaux).

  • Dr. Patric Marsal (Assistant Professor of Dept. of Periodontology) of University Montpellier.

Course Detail:

Topic: The Treatment of Periodontology Disease with Ti-oss.

To Maintain and Save the Tooth and Postpone Tooth Extraction.

Coruse: Module GTR or Module GBR

Workshop: Perio & Bone Surgery Workshop

Thank you very much, Mr. Lizot of Ge-Tec3, Professor Mr. Philippe Givert, Professor Mr. Yves Laverjat, & Dr. Patric Marsal!

We would like to convey our hearty appreciation for your contributions.

I would like to share some pictures of the event below.

PS: If any of you have any education or workshop concerned with Ti-oss (held, planned, whatever), please do share with us. We will update your schedule to all of our partners.

Thank you!


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