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Ti-oss® is verified by 10 years Clinical Data

100% Multiporous Bovine Bone Graft Substitute

without Cortical Portions


Ti-oss® is made from BSE-free approved Australian Bovine bone. Organic portions (fat, protein, etc.) have been completely removed through multiple steps of delicate maneuvering and cleaning without any additional chemicals throughout the whole process.


Ti-oss® shows excellent multiporosity osteoconductive structure produced from bovine cancellous bone. With the multiporous system, Ti-oss® is proudly introduced to the dental society as an excellent biocompatible material and non-pyrogenic.


Every product is packaged in a sealed pouch after the first packaging (vial or syringe case) in a wholly sterilized condition by Gamma irradiation with a shelf-life span of 2 years (Ti-oss®, Ti-oss® Syringe) for the US market, and 3 years (Ti-oss®, Ti-oss® Block) & 2 years (Ti-oss® Syringe) for EU market.

Product range Ti-oss® bone substitute includes:

Ti-oss®      Ti-oss® Syringe      Ti-oss® Block​     Ti-oss® Guide

Indications for use

Ti-oss® is intended for use in bone regeneration and augmentation of oral and maxillofacial bone defects with or without products intended for Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) and Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR).
- Alveolar ridge defects.
- Sinus Augmentation.
- Extraction defects (or alveolar ridge preservation or socket preservation).
- Periodontal defects.
- Peri-implant defects.
- Apicoectomies.
- Cystectomies.

Human Biopsy Results

Very thin new bone (heavy pink) all around Ti-oss® particles proves osteoblast preferred surface with osteopromoting factors.



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