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Our goal is to provide the best biomaterials to all those who need bone repair & regenerative applications. 

With constant quality enhancement for developing biomaterials, Chiyewon has been successful in producing high-quality & reliable products to improve the quality of life of patients.

The company is certified to CE, ISO13485, USFDA, KGMP, and KFDA as a manufacturer with high-quality standards. The main product, Ti-oss®, has been tested, researched, and used by dental surgeons all around the world. It’s quality, reliability, and safety is supported by 10 years clinical data.


Chiyewon will continue to develop innovative biomaterial products not only for oral / maxillofacial surgery but also for neurosurgery & orthopedic / spine surgery. A strong pipeline of products will cover more healthcare areas in the years to come.

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