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Article 4

Comparison of Ti-oss® and Bio-oss®​ in New Bone Formation 
on Rat Calvarial Defect in 8 Weeks Period on Rat Calvarial Defect


Jun, Sangho, DDS
Korea University Hospital, Dental Division

Oral and Maxillofacial Department


Ti-oss® showed better bone formation than Bio-oss® in 8 weeks period on rat calvarial defect.


6 Rat calvarial defects were made with trephine bur and each 3 defects were filled in with Ti-oss® and Bio-oss®.


8 weeks after, they were sacrificed and tissue slides were made to examine the new bone formation from the defect border. (horizontal section)

Blue color; new cancellous bone                      

Red color; remodeled cortical bone


Ti-oss® made new bone formation to the center of the trephine defect.

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#1  Ti-oss®

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Bio-oss® made new bone formation to the halfway to the center of the trephine defect.
#5  Bio-oss®

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