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  1. Rabbit Tibia 12 Weeks Comparison Study between Ti-oss® (Chiyewon Co.) & OCSB® (Nibec Co.)

  2. Clinical Report: Sinus Lift (Socket Lift), Vertical & Horizontal Augmentation

  3. Histomorphometric Study on Healing of Critical Sized Defect in Rat Calvaria Using Two Different Bovine Grafts 

  4. Comparison of Ti-oss® & Bio-oss® in New Bone Formation on Rat Calvarial Defect in 8 Weeks

  5. Bone Regeneration of Macropore Octacalcium Phosphate–Coated Deproteinized Bovine Bone Materials in Sinus Augmentation: A Prospective Pilot Study

  6. Ti-oss® Resorption by Osteoclast Found on 8 Weeks Rat Model 

  7. Solution for Sinus Membrane Tear Using PRP & Ti-oss® Bone Graft in One-stage Approach

  8. Socket grafting using a large particulate Xenograft as a prelude to implant placement: A case report and histology

  9. Evaluation of New Octacalcium Phosphate-Coated Xenograft in Rats Calvarial Defect Model on Bone Regeneration

  10. Three-Dimensional Radiographic Bone Fill Evaluation Using Octacalcium Phosphate-Coated Deproteinized Bovine Bone Material (Ti-Oss Bone Graft) and Demineralized Freeze-Dried Bone Allograft (DFDBA) in Three Walled Defects.

  11. Immediate Loading Post-extraction Implant in the Aesthetic Region Following Trauma

  12. Horizontal and Vertical Ridge Augmentation in the Esthetic Zone

  13. Immediate Loading with Many Complicated Factors (severe periodontal disease, collapsed occlusion, Immediate extraction)

  14. Guided bone regeneration procedure for implant placement in the esthetic zone A Case Report

  15. A Rare Case Report of Idiopathic Infected Radicular Cyst

  16. If only we could talk to the prosthetics of the future

  17. Simultaneous Implant and Guided Bone Regeneration Using Bovine-Derived Xenograft and Acellular Dermal Matrix in Aesthetic Zone

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Lateal Augmentaion
  • Validation of Viral Clearance Study---Konkuk University, 2011

  • Histomorphometric Study on Healing of Critical-sized Defect in Rat, Animal, Ewha University, 2011

  • Biocompatibility and Performance Comparison Study, Animal---Yonsei University, 2011

  • Clinical Report of Sinus Study, Human---Myungin Dental Clinic, 2012

  • Sinus Bone Formation Study, Human---Asan Hospital, Oral Surgery Department, 2013 Article 5---Bone Regeneration of Macropore Octacalcium Phosphate-coated Deproteinized Bovine Bone Materials in Sinus Augmentation: A prospective pilot study

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