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Ti-oss Guide I Atelo-Collagen?

  • Atelo-collagen 

    Collagen that enhances biocompatibility by enzymatically(pepsin) removed telopeptide which owns the highest antigenicity in natural collagen molecules.

  • Porcine Skin derived Type I collagen No risk of  TSE infection

  • Features
    99% highly-purified medical grade collagen, biocompatibility, low antigenic, Non-infectious, non-immunogenicity,  Hemostasis by promoting platelet aggregation, Bioabsorben

  • Meeting the requirements of wound cares
    Prevent leakage of body fluids, Infection prevention, control of transpiration, blood clot protection, and hemostasis, Relieves pain due to external stimulation block and promotes epithelialization


Ti-oss® bone substitute includes:

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