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Ti-oss® is made from 100% cancellous bone without any cortical portion. Innovative pulverizing technique allows multiporous structure, maximizing blood vessel ingrowth.


Average Ti-oss® pore size is more than three times of other world-leading product. This results from advanced manufacturing technique and the feature permits rapid absorption of blood or saline into the bone graft.


Low-temperature processing technique allows ideal, natural surface topography of    Ti-oss® graft, same as human bone, stimulating osteoblast activity. Low-temperature process completely eliminates the vitrification phenomenon of the bone graft, which cannot be achieved under high-temperature process.


Pre HA structure, octacalcium phosphate crystal is found on the surface of Ti-oss®, which accelerate new bone formation.


Unique 100% multiporous cancellous nature offers higher quantitative mass volume per gram unit, compared to other nonporous product. This makes Ti-oss® more cost efficient.

Product Image
Product Image
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